Northeast Minneapolis pizza news: Custom 'Slice' shop pops up on Hennepin

Like a siren song harmonizing with all the neighborhood's karaoke joints

Like a siren song harmonizing with all the neighborhood's karaoke joints Sarah Brumble

With a name like “Slice,” there’s really no point in googling it. This here type of news is more of an old-school ground game, if you will...

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of passing by the jumble of awkwardly angled streets just across the Mississippi in northeast Minneapolis, a sign popped up seemingly overnight announcing the arrival of a new ‘za joint at 519 E. Hennepin. 

Located in what could honestly be described from the outside as a pizza cabin plopped on a weird little triangle of property right by White Castle between East Hennepin and Central Avenue, Slice has commandeered a former State Farm Agent’s den. 

Your soon-to-be Northeast pizza cabin

Your soon-to-be Northeast pizza cabin Sarah Brumble

Per its vintage-style marquee, the shop’s m.o. appears to be one of “custom building” perfect food for sopping up all those beers you downed at the Otter Stop around the corner. Should you manage to make it home and regret not sating your hunger, it also appears they’ll remedy the situation in-house—DoorDash and UberEats be damned. 

No word yet on the quantity of toppings at customers’ disposal to build our ideal snack, as calls to the number advertised on Slice’s premature sign advertising the yet-unopened business went… well, let’s not say “unanswered,” but rather unconnected. Rest assured we’ll keep calling until we get an answer, so do your best to keep that drool in check until details like an estimated opening date and delivery area become available. 


Update 1 p.m. 9/17/19: A reader has helpfully pointed out to City Pages that Slice sits on the side of East Hennepin that makes it technically located across the street from Northeast (in the Marcy Holmes neighborhood), no matter what your gut says.