North Loop gay bar Jetset has closed

Gone, but not forever.

Gone, but not forever. Anthony Souffle, Star Tribune

If you noticed a larger-than-normal crowd spilling out the doors at 115 N. First St. in Minneapolis on Saturday, that's not because Jetset was offering better drink deals (or even stronger drinks) than usual.

No, the crowd showed up to say goodbye to the popular North Loop gay bar, which has hosted its final DJ set at that address.

According to a January Development Tracker story from the Journal, KMP Investments has proposed converting Jetset's building into a mixed-use property, with first-floor commercial space and housing on the second and third floors. "A spokesman said the project would not affect Jetset," the Journal reported then. But from the looks of this June Facebook post from Jetset, it's the property owner who didn't want to renew the lease.

The minimalist North Loop lounge was a repeat CP Best Gay Bar winner and a favorite for dance nights, with chill crowds and a mood that was a little more understated than downtown clubs like Gay 90's. No massive, flashing sign here—or any sign at all. Only a small, neon airplane in the window indicated that one of the Twin Cities' finest gay bars was situated inside.

Now, the good news: Jetset's Susan Liesch tells City Pages that Jetset plans to touchdown in a new home.

"We are looking to relocate, and are currently in negotiations on a space," Liesch says, adding: "Jetset fun will continue."