Nonna Rosa's rolls out wine tastings and new Gelato Mobile

Robbinsdale's cherished Italian hot spot Nonna Rosa's pulls in many a weary Minneapolitan who longs for good, old-fashioned food. You know--the kind that doesn't feel the need to be stacked like a game of Jenga to impress you. Husband and wife team chef Francesco and Tina Suglia run a tight, happy little ship, and every guest seems to feel right at home.

Still, if you need more reasons to venture to Robbinsdale, Nonna Rosa's is offering two: Every third Thursday it's presenting wine tastings (along with food samples) for just $20, from 5 to 8 p.m. And just in time for the peak of summer, the restaurant now has its very own "Gelato Mobile" serving the rich, creamy Italian cousin of ice cream.

Here are more details on the next installation of the wine tasting and where to find the Gelato Mobile.

The next third-Thursday wine tasting is on June 21, featuring musical guest Matt Coughlin and Viberti wines from northern Italy. Viberti wines are new to the U. S., but the winery was established in the early 1900s. After receiving rave reviews, the winery modernized and expanded to 35 acres, making international distribution now possible.

With summer temperatures already hitting the 90s, you never know when a gelato craving will strike. If it's this weekend, the Gelato Mobile will be at Earl Brown Days in Brooklyn Center this Saturday, as well as Robbinsdale's Whiz Bang Days and Crystal Frolics. However, to stalk the mobile more frequently and at your leisure, upcoming Gelato Mobile locations will be posted on the restaurant's Facebook page, as well as on Twitter.

Incidentally, if you're curious to know more about gelato, it actually has significantly less fat than ice cream. It's made from more whole milk than cream, so instead of ice cream's 10% fat, gelato has more like 5% to 7% fat. With a luscious, more flavorful spoonfull, it's almost counterintuitive to think that gelato might be less fattening, but it's true. Gelato gets its characteristic density from being churned at a lower speed and served at a warmer temperature, not from fat. As if you need another reason to try something called a Gelato Mobile.

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Nonna Rosa's

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