Non-Dominos delivery options? What's a Minnesotan to do?

A friend recently lamented the dearth of delivery options to get us Minnesotans through winter hibernation.

Sure, you can count on Galactic Pizza superheroes in their peanut electric cars and other pizza joints doing their delivery duty, but comes a time and a place when you want to stretch beyond the limited pizza horizons.

(And you're sick of stacking up all those non-recyclable pizza boxes in the garbage.)

For those of you commiserating, Urbanspoon has complied a surprisingly lengthy list of Twin Cities-area deliverers. Wade through the usual pizza suspects and you find that places like Leeann Chin, Nelson's Deli and Sawatdee will bring chow to your door too.

However, BIG FAT CAVEAT: Some places have prohibitory minimum orders ($50 for Leeann Chin), seemingly suited more for in-house business lunches than the Miranda Hobbes among you.

Also, of those I called, all have delivery fees (some reasonable, some not), and some places (like Sawatdee) have limited boundaries within which they'll schlep your grub.

In India, they have a specific word ("dabbawalla") for people who deliver thousands of homemade lunches to citydwellers every day. Check it out: