Nina's Double C is a warm, sweet kick in the pants


Double C
$2.15 (for one shot of espresso)

Nina's Coffee Café
165 N. Western Ave., St. Paul

Striding down Selby through the snow leads one to contemplating a warming beverage even in the middle of the day. Of course, that means a stop into Nina's Coffee Café, with its bustling lunchtime crowd.

But what to order that will cut the chill, and still keep us ready to tackle the afternoon?

Double C equals a sweet pick-me-up.
Double C equals a sweet pick-me-up.

Nina's menu board suggests the Double C, which has sweetened espresso with steamed milk. Otherwise known as the Cubano Cortado, it can be ordered with one or more shots of espresso, depending on the potency you require (Hot Dish had just one shot). This drink has the combined forces of sweetness and caffeine to rev your engines and power you through the next item on your winter's day to-do list. It's rich, less foamy than a cappuccino, and not for the faint of heart. If you're planning on a nap after your visit to Nina's, this is not the beverage for you.

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