Nightingale now welcomes early birds

The Nightingale in the arena they know best. Night.
The Nightingale in the arena they know best. Night.
Dawn Brodey

When Nightingale opened last October, the Whitter Neighborhood rejoiced. So did all of the hungry night owls in Uptown who finally found a really good kitchen that is open until 1 a.m. And not just good, the food and atmosphere have been very well-reviewed by everyone, including our own Emily Weiss.

The new local hot spot now has a long winter under its belt; just opened the patio, and will be introducing a Sunday brunch starting... well, right now. But that's not all that's new. Hot Dish checks in with Nightingale co-owner Carrie McCabe-Johnston to get all the details on what's cookin'.

Nightingale's patio: a great place for brunch.
Nightingale's patio: a great place for brunch.
Dawn Brodey

Catering to the late-night crowd in Uptown, it is imaginable that there could be problems. Anyone who has stumbled down Lyndale Avenue after 10 p.m. knows that, generally speaking, folks aren't on their best behavior. All the same, McCabe-Johnston tells Hot Dish (as she knocked on wood) that they haven't had a single incident. No fights, no drinks tossed in the face, no shrieking spectacles to speak of.

Which is not terribly surprising since the atmosphere at Nightingale is generally pretty mellow and content. Low light, comfy seats, and a cheerful regular crowd.

"A lot of our late-night diners are other restaurant workers coming in after their own shift," McCabe-Johnston said. "They're never trouble."

Things are going so swimmingly, in fact, that Nightingale is extending its usual 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. hours on Sunday to include brunch. On Sunday, May 19, Nightingale began offering a whole new menu for a couple of brief morning hours.

The brunch menu will offer such items as shrimp and grits (McCabe-Johnston's personal favorite), yeasted waffles with seasonal fruit, biscuits and gravy, and eggs Benedict, all locally sourced, as ever.

And speaking of locally sourced: Another new element you'll find at Nightingale on Sundays is a live DJ. Spinning mostly soul, funk, and jazz, Nightingale is bringing in local DJs Patrick Voller and Jonathan Kramer to enhance the mood on Sunday nights.

And what mood is that?

"Ours," McCabe-Johnston said, "you know, it's all good."

Nightingale owners, Jasha Johnston and Carrie McCabe-Johnston.
Nightingale owners, Jasha Johnston and Carrie McCabe-Johnston.
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