Nighthawks and Kyatchi Hot Dog Fight, April 6

The "Minnesoter Dog" from Nighthawks

The "Minnesoter Dog" from Nighthawks

Kyatchi is probably the only sushi restaurant in town that also serves hot dogs. But not just any dogs: Japanese hot dogs, with things like ginger, noodles, and sesame piled upon them. So naturally, a bit of friendly-rivalry hackle went up when the upcoming Nighthawks with Landon Schoenefeld at the helm announced they'd be moving into the 'hood, and as a modern American diner, they'd also have dogs on the menu.

Hide Tozawa is chef of Kyatchi and is an avid baseball lover: Kyatchi means "catch" in Japanese. April 6 is the baseball opener, so what better day than this for Tozawa to guard his stadium-food supremacy?

So who's got the biggest, baddest dog? Find out on April 6 when Kyatchi welcomes Nighthawks into the neighborhood with a friendly neighborhood Hot Dog Off.

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The Dogs: specialty Kramarczuk's foot-long hot dogs made exclusively for Nighthawks.

Kyatchi's Dogs (by chef Hide Tozawa):

Avocado and egg dog with avocado, chopped egg, and Japanese mayo

Yuzu dog with Yuzu mayo and grilled shisito peppers

Yakisoba Dog with stir-friend noodles, onion, red ginger, and Japanese mayo

Nighthawks Dogs (by chef Landon Schoenfeld):

Nighthawks Dog with dill mayo, spicy mustard, giardiniera, Red Dragon cheese, and shoestring potato

Omega Moo with romaine, tomato, pickled onion, olives, and feta

Minnesoter Dog with potato salad, pickled herring, cucumber, trout roe, and dill

But what about vegetarians?

Schoenefeld's handmade carrot dog can be substituted for any of the combinations.

What are the rules of the game?

Order your hot dog individually, and you know, top dog wins.

A portion of the profits gathered from the hot dog pop-up will go toward Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Park, which organizes accessible sports teams including basketball, baseball, soccer, archery, wrestling, and lacrosse for youth and adults. The park is also located in the Kingfield neighborhood.

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