Newest MN brewery launches in 1 week


Minnesota's newest craft brewery, Fulton, will officially release its first beer at a launch party at the Happy Gnome on Wednesday, October 28, MN Beer reports.

Fulton's debut effort is an IPA called Sweet Child of Vine, a liquid ode to the hops plant. The company plans a line of five brews in the next couple of years, ranging from a light, slightly sweet golden ale called Lonely Blonde (due in spring) to a dark imperial stout dubbed Worthy Adversary.

According to the company's website, Fulton started as a homebrew enterprise in a basement in Minneapolis's Fulton neighborhood. It's commercial batches are now made at the Sand Creek Brewery in Wisconsin, though the founders are looking for a Twin Cities site.

If you can't make it to the Gnome party, the Fulton beer wagon will also be at Acadia Café on Thursday the 29th and at Stub and Herb's on Halloween, during and after the Gophers game. The new beer will be available at six sites in the Twin Cities.