New State Fair vendor announced

A classic Twin Cities flavor coming to the State Fair
A classic Twin Cities flavor coming to the State Fair

Today might be cold, but one day it will be warm and we will again fight the good fight: corn dog or Pronto Pup? A sunny bit of Minnesota State Fair news was announced yesterday. Each year the valuable food vendor real estate is fought over by local purveyors both big and small. Food trucks, fine dining, and chain restaurants hope it will be their concept chosen to occupy a little precious place at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

Stephanie March reports on the Minneapolis/St. Paul magazine blog that Mancini's will be moving in this summer. 

The Mancini family has owned and operated the St. Paul steak house since 1948. In that time, the restaurant has become more than just an eatery, weaving its way into the fabric of the city. When Nick Mancini passed away, a portion of West 7th Street was closed as civic leaders, friends and family walked in his funeral procession. The food is classic steak house, with flavorful, crusty, charred hunks of beef served with enormous baked potatoes cracked open and slathered with butter. 

What they will serve at the fair, we don't know. If we may, please, request a couple pieces of steak bread? 
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Mancini's Char House

531 W. 7th St.
St. Paul, MN 55102


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