New Revival location won't have fried chicken, will have all the smoked meats (and breakfast)

The brisket sammy at Revival #2

The brisket sammy at Revival #2 Facebook: Revival

Yo dawg I heard you like barbecue, so you're getting a new 'cue joint from the Travail Kitchen & Amusements team, not one but two meaty eateries in northeast Minneapolis, and "brisket brunch" via a BBQ trailer.

Oh, and also: Revival just announced that its third restaurant, located in St. Paul's Keg & Case Market, is going to be all about the brisket. And Minneapolis/St. Paul Mag reports that Revival Smoked Meats will have breakfast-time beef and pork, too, from a brisket breakfast burrito to a burnt ends egg sammy.

Morning meat sweats, anyone?

Unlike its sibs, Revival No. 3 is a counter-service concept. It won't have a ton of seating -- there's room for just 45 -- but their smoker? She's a behemoth, capable of handling up to 1,000 pounds of meat at once. "We can cook a whole cow in that sucker," chef Thomas Boemer points out. The menu isn't finalized yet, MSP Mag notes, but you'll absolutely be able to buy in bulk -- anywhere from a half-pound to "as much as you want."

The menu sounds sandwich-heavy, though it won't be BBQ through and through: There could be smoked whitefish, turkey, and maybe even plantains and jackfruit for vegans who aren't put off by the marvelously meaty smells sure to emanate from that smoker. You'll be washing it all down with a handful of beers, wines, and batch cocktails.

Revival's currently killing the BBQ game at its year-and-a-half-old Selby Avenue outpost, so this is a good get for Keg & Case, which has already landed favorites like Bogart's Donuts and Rose Street Patisserie

Might need to rethink that @revivalfriedchix Twitter handle, though.