New mobile pizza bakery to hit the streets this summer [VIDEO]

New mobile pizza bakery to hit the streets this summer [VIDEO]
Emilie Hitch via WildEarth's facebook

This summer, a mobile wood-fired pizza company is coming to the Twin Cities, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. WildEarth WoodFired Mobile Pizza Bakery will tie together three Minneapolis favorites -- mobile food, pizza, and locally sourced ingredients.

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Daniel Wilder, the founder of WildEarth, launched the Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a portable wood-fire pizza oven after building a stationary wood-fire, Naples-style oven in his South Minneapolis backyard. (You can see some of that building process in the video below.)

For the past two years, Wilder has hosted pizza-centered fundraisers and parties in his backyard, and the popularity of those events inspired him to take his pizza on the go. Less than a week after he launched the Kickstarter, Wilder met and surpassed his $6,000 goal. Entrepreneurs, take note: Wilder said the success of his campaign came from the community support he's gained from those backyard pizza parties.

"The oven in my backyard has been an unbelievable exercise in community building," he said. "I think that's what really what got us off the ground."

WildEarth WoodFired pizzas are 10- to 12-inches in size and range from $9-13, depending on the ingredients. Wilder strives to use only locally sourced, organic ingredients, as well as artisanal sausages and cheeses. Though traditional toppings will be offered, WildEarth will focus on less conventional flavors like sweet beets, goat cheese, and sauerkraut. As for the crust, Wilder crafted a unique maple syrup-infused sourdough starter, using, you guessed it, locally sourced syrup.

WildEarth's Kickstarter campaign was 75% funded by the end of the first day, earning them a spot on Kickstarter's front page. Though WildEarth surpassed its $6,000 goal just days after its launch, there are still 24 days and lots of fun prizes to go, including bear hugs, t-shirts, stickers, public kickoff parties, pizza-making lessons, punch cards, and private parties. And if you pledge $1,600 or more, Wilder's own folk band, the Wailing Loons, will play at your private pizza party for up to 100 people.

Wilder said he ordered the mobile pizza oven last week and expects WildEarth to hit the streets in May or June. Since WildEarth won't quite be a food truck, the pizza will primarily be offered at public and private events, such as farmer's markets, concerts, festivals, weddings, and birthdays.

"Our website will have a feed of where we're at that day, as long as it's a public event," Wilder said.

If the operation is successful, Wilder hopes to someday branch out into more mobile wood-fire ovens, a brick-and-mortar shop, and perhaps even a farm-to-table pizza farm. Based on the success of his Kickstarter campaign, it seems anything is possible.

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