New Linden Hills Restaurant for Erick Harcey of Victory 44

Erick Harcey

Erick Harcey

When we get Erick Harcey on the phone, he's taking a short break from his nip-tuck of Victory 44, which he's closed for a few days. Meanwhile, he's working hard on his latest endeavor, in the old Bayer's Hardware building in Linden Hills.

He says it will house not one, but three projects.

"I don't want my life to get all crazy again," he says, probably referring to his brief stint with the late Parka and his even briefer stint with Stock & Badge at MIA.

He then pauses to contemplate what he's undertaking and chuckles.

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The restaurant, yet to be named, has a projected opening date of early 2015. Harcey says he'll serve three "neighborhood friendly" meals a day there.

Victory 44

Victory 44

You'll also be able to grab-and-go a whole or half roasted chicken along with "healthy sides for the family." When we draw a comparison to Brasa, he brushes it off.

"No, it will still be Victory-esque. American heritage style cooking, but wood-fired."

Finally, the new concept will include a "test kitchen," which sounds like a bit of a playhouse for Harcey, a space for pushing limits, selling tickets for more elaborate dinners, and hosting community gatherings.

Watch for it in January/February 2015 in the Upton 43 building at Upton and 43rd in Linden Hills.

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