New Guthrie restaurant names chef...


A quick Google search uncovered a video of the mystery man trying those disgusting Harry Potter jelly beans with members of Alkaline Trio. (Aside: Those jelly beans are totally ill. I remember the first time I tried them, after a trip to Dylan's Candy in NYC, my friends and I were spitting "vomit," "blood," etc. out on the sidewalks.)

In case you don't recognize him, that's Erik Anderson, former chef-de-cuisine at Porter & Frye, whose name Andrew Zimmern just released.

Anderson was apparently offered the P&F top job, but he turned it down because he wanted to stay closer to the cooking (vs. managing), and the new Guthrie restaurant (a sustainable seafood-focused eatery under the management of Tim McKee and Josh Thoma starting this spring) should be a great opportunity for him. Anderson, formerly of the French Laundry and Auriga, turned out some impressive dishes at P&F, so there should be much to anticipate at the new place.

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