New dish on D'Amico Kitchen

D'Amicos will rename Chambers' rooftop bar for its restaurant launch.
D'Amicos will rename Chambers' rooftop bar for its restaurant launch.

Here's the latest from the D'Amico folks:

D'AMICO KITCHEN, the casual, contemporary Italian restaurant being developed by D'Amico & Partners, Inc. will be open for business on 8/24.

This Monday, already? That was quick!

-Eden - This is the re-branded name for the street-level patio area. There will be some design, layout and cosmetic changes that will be occurring as well. New plantings will not begin to mature until next year, with part of Eden will be set up for dining instead of being dedicated to lounging. Guests will able to reserve a private cabana for dinner. Eden will host Friday Champagne Happy Hour from 4:30 to 7:30 featuring live jazz or DJ's (weather permitting). Sunday nights there will be movies shown at Eden, again weather permitting. We are even considering hosting Monday Night Football events.

Sounds like a major remake for the on the cabanas...I wonder if the fire pits and the one-armed gorilla will remain? Will Chambers really become the sort of place people will flock to for Monday Night Football?

-TBD - the rooftop terrace bar, formerly Red, White & F*#%-ing Blue Bar, will be renamed. Name TBD. There will be DJ's there most weekend nights, save those when private events have rented the space.

While I always sort of admired the name of the Red, White & F*#%-ing Blue Bar, I can't say I ever heard anyone call it anything but the Chambers rooftop. Maybe Minnesotans were worried they'd have their mouths washed out with soap...

Menus-- Draft menus feature a large Antipasti section divided into Verdure (veggie), Fritti (fried), Carne (mea), Pesce (fish), Crudo (raw), Insalata (salad), including cauliflower florets with anchovy mayonnaise, saffron risotto balls filled with bolognese ragu and shell peas, grilled quail, roasted grape mostarda, lamb meatballs, pine nut, currant, yogurt sauce, and clam gratinate with oregano, garlic and peperoncino...

...several pastas include the likes of Garganelli carbonara with fava beans Housemade farfalle with white wine braised rabbit, peas

...and secondi feature such dishes as Grilled skirt steak with arugula cherry tomato, panzella Suckling pig with mustard greens, grilled onons Grilled swordfish with sweet peppers, capers fregola sarda Veal meatball sandwich

The snacking-oriented menu, with antipasta prices hovering around $10 and most entrees running $10-$24, sound appealing. It reminds me of a bit of an Italian-style 112 Eatery, a concept that likely will have broader appeal than either Cucina or Chambers Kitchen.

And Doug Flicker, who was in the kitchen when D'Amico Cucina opened 20+ years ago, is back in a D'Amico kitchen for the opening, as he wants to be a part of this very special restaurant.

Nice to see Flicker mixing it up again after a few years running the kitchen at Mission.

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