New Copperwing Distillery coming to St. Louis Park

Get yer booze in the 'burbs.

Get yer booze in the 'burbs. Photo courtesy of Copperwing Facebook Page

What’s more fun than engineering, medicine, and law? Booze!

Or so went the thinking of three buddies from those three backgrounds who thought, “Hey, we should make booze and open a distillery.”

And now, since that’s a thing to do in the Twin Cities, they’re doing it. Copperwing Distillery will be the first of its kind in St. Louis Park, where the trio had a hand in changing zoning laws to allow for distilleries and cocktail rooms.

Kyle Kettering, Chris Palmisano, and Brian Idelkope will be opening the doors to their new distillery and cocktail room in “early 2017” (that’s any day now) and will serve whiskey, vodka, and specialty liqueurs. 

Bottoms up, SLP. 

Coming soon. 

6409 Cambridge St., St. Louis Park