New concessions at Target Field for 2016

It's bizarre Bloody Mary season.

It's bizarre Bloody Mary season.

It's that time of year again. Springtime. Baseball season. The time of year when Target Field tries to see how wackadoodle they can get with a Bloody Mary. The answer: pretty damn wackadoodle.

Presenting the Buffalo Chicken (with optional slider) Bloody Mary, plus all the other new Twins Stadium Concessions for 2016.

This year, most of the new eats and drinks will be coming out of the various stadium pubs, rather than the addition of a lot of new concessions within the park itself. Those new offerings were pretty robust last year. 

Hrbek’s will serve that signature Buffalo Chicken Bloody Mary, garnished with a chicken wing, celery, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, a pepperoni stick, a pepperoncini and an olive. The drink can be upgraded with the addition of a burger slider (because you can).

Minnie & Paul’s pub will be serving Pizza Luce pies and Red Cow Burgers including a turkey burger, plus the restaurant's signature poutine.

Pizza Luce pizza pies

Pizza Luce pizza pies

The Loon Cafe (near section 101) will be serving Pecos River Red Chili with a side of Texas Toast, and the Grape Ape, the downtown institution's infamous signature cocktail with Pinnacle Citron vodka and Buddy’s Grape Soda.

Senor Smokes will serve burritos from Barrio, including barbacoa and vegetarian. 

Northshore Creamery will serve Izzy's Soft Serve. 

Hot Indian Foods is adding Mango Lassis with yogurt, fresh mango, and spices to last year's menu lineup of chicken tikka masala and vegan aloo gobi over rice with crispy pappadums. 

Also new to the ballpark is the Hot Pretzel Bites & Brews cart, serving three varieties of fresh pretzel bites: beef gravy with Monterey jack cheese; berries, Nutella, and whipped cream; and Summit beer cheese with candied bacon and cayenne. 

Many favorites from years past will be returning to the ballpark in 2016 as well, including but not limited to: Kramarczuk’s Sausages, Angie’s Kettle Corn, Turkey To Go, Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich, Andrew Zimmern’s Canteen, the Bigger Better Bloody Mary Cart (Section 114), Roots for the Home Team, Mac’s Walleye and Chips, Butcher and the Boar, Pepsi, Old Dutch Chips, Taste of Schwan’s, Schweigert Hot Dogs, Sheboygan Sausages, Dairy Queen, Izzy’s Ice Cream, J&J Snacks, Anheuser Busch, Summit, Koops Mustard, Aquafina, Papa John’s, Giant Snacks, Super Mom’s Mini Donuts, Killebrew Root Beer, Funacho, Pan O’ Gold, Fisher Nuts, Caribou Coffee, Barrio at Gate 6, Murray’s, Darby’s, Surly, Fulton, Lift Bridge, Perfect Pickle, JD Hoyt’s, Kemps Malt Cup, Du Nord, Panther, Franklin Street Bakery, B Smith’s Olive Oil, and Ken Davis BBQ.