New Bohemia Bar and Restaurant coming to Northeast

A sketch of the new storefront
A sketch of the new storefront

As we reported earlier this week, Minneapolis really loves its craft beer, and the new beer bar and restaurant moving into the old Panera Bread space on Hennepin in northeast Minneapolis has high hopes that will translate to big-time success, reports the Star Tribune.

New Bohemia Bar and Restaurant, co-owned by Jeff Bornmann, will have 40 beers on tap and nearly 100 more in bottles. Bornmann has enlisted the expertise of Four Firkins owner Jason Alvey to ensure that local tastes are catered to and that his beer list is well balanced, while putting an emphasis on Belgian, German, and American craft brews.

Sifting through a beer list with that many options is a delight for some and completely overwhelming for others. To make the experience more approachable and more modern, Bornmann plans to present the beer lists via iPad so customers can interact with the menu and simply touch a beer to learn more about its ABV, style, and finish. 

We're all for a new beer hall, but will they have stellar snacks to go with all these sudsy beverages? Here are a few more details:

The menu will be made up of mostly sausages, which is a gutsy move when you consider how close they are to Kramarczuk's, but New Bohemia's plan is to shake up the Old World European tradition and offer some unexpected proteins in their sausages like duck, rattlesnake, turkey, and a vegetarian version.

They expect to start building by July with the goal of being open for business by September.

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