New and coming soon: Native cooking, more Mexican, and yet more fancy coffee

The people who run Tatanka Truck are ready to take their show off the road.

The people who run Tatanka Truck are ready to take their show off the road. Mecca Bos

Our cup of new and coming soon restaurants runneth over.

Today we got word that the shuttered Glockenspiel will transition from German to Mexican, as Pajarito takes over. The cheffed-up taco place promises to be not just good, but really good, thanks to the culinary chops that will helm it.

If you’ve dined anytime in the last couple of years at Chino Latino and found that the cooking has been surprisingly good, it's thanks in part to one Tyge Nelson. His partner in the new business will be Steven Hesse, who has been doing quietly amazing things with Latin flavors at the nearby Libertine.

Yes, they’ll make their own tortillas, and yes the place will have ambiance.

The year of great tacos plus ambiance (also see Urban Jefe Hacienda and Baja Haus) is hot on its heels.

Look for it before the end of the year.

605 7th St. W., St. Paul 

Five Watt

Have you had your fill of fancy coffee? Like it, love it, or hate it, more is on the way. Another Five Watt location is planned for Harriet Avenue any day.

Five Watt's Nicollet Avenue location has quickly become a coffee lover's fave both for their delicious caffeinated bevies, but also for not taking themselves too seriously. They’re self-professed “goofy guys, jesters, unicorn hoarders, high-fivers and music geeks.” How refreshing. 

Five Watt
2904 Harriet Ave., Minneapolis

New Sioux Chef Restaurant

The Sioux Chef has been making a name for himself for about the past two years with his mobile kitchen Tatanka Truck and his catering company serving Native cuisines. He’s launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $100,000 for a brick-and-mortar restaurant. The concept sounds pretty cool, including family-style dining, wood-fired cooking techniques, gardens, community rooms, and a lot more.

There are 30 days to go in the campaign.