Never leave your house for food again because Bite Squad is rolling out unlimited delivery

Hell yeah, baby!

Hell yeah, baby! Bite Squad

That’s right. Go full-on hermit. Live in your pajamas. Stop clipping your toenails. Fill notebooks with all of your deepest thoughts and ravings.

You don't have to leave your house to eat this winter -- or ever again -- thanks to Bite Squad.

Bite Squad, for the uninitiated, is a food delivery service that was founded in 2012 right here in Minneapolis. The company works with local restaurants in 30 metro areas across the country to provide delivery services so you can enjoy a delicious meal without leaving your couch.

And yesterday, Bite Squad announced that they're expanding their new subscription service to the Twin Cities, meaning you -- yes, you -- can pay one monthly price and get an unlimited number of deliveries without shelling out for individual delivery fees. Any time of day, however many times a day you feel like savoring some sushi or chowing down on falafel.

“Bite Squad Unlimited is designed to provide increased value to customers who order delivery more than twice per month,” a release from the service reads. (So... that's most of us, right?)

While customers with an unlimited subscription will only be able to order from restaurants within a four-mile radius of their delivery location, this is still a big deal. January’s freeze is just around the corner, after all.

The monthly rate may vary by city and location, but it will top out at $9.99, making a Bite Squad Unlimited subscription about on par with your monthly Netflix fee. Select customers have the option to try it out now, and a broader rollout is on the way in early 2018.

“This is a big win for everybody,” says Bite Squad founder and CEO Kian Salehi. “It gives us a more predictable and sustainable revenue source, and it gives substantial cost savings to customers who want more frequent deliveries.”

How this will affect Bite Squad’s partner restaurants and delivery drivers remains to be seen. And will the subscription offer turn more people into shut-ins-by-choice?

Don’t ask us. We’re too busy ordering in some pho.