Neil Diamond Tribute and Pizza


If the crappy economy has you struggling to get into the holiday mood this year, Neil Diamond is here for you. If you're too broke to make a large charitable donation this year, Neil Diamond is here for you. And if your pantry and wallet are empty, and going out to eat is a rare treat, Neil Diamond is here for you. Well, it's not actually Neil Diamond, it's a guy named Karl Commers, but he's still here for you. Commers, known around town for his Neil Diamond tribute act is teaming with Broadway Pizza to raise money for Toys for Tots this Sunday. For only $13 and an unwrapped toy, Diamond fans can gorge at the pizza and salad bars, participate in a silent auction, and, of course, listen to the pure joy that is Neil Diamond music. It's the perfect storm for holiday cheer. To whet your appetite (like it's not already thoroughly whetted) watch the video below of Commers doing his thing.

And, just for kicks, let's enjoy Will Ferrell impersonating Diamond too.