Need Halloween Plans? Chino and the W have you covered.


Some nights Chino already looks like its hosting a Halloween party, what with all those big groups wearing Karate Kid headbands and tossing back sake-bombs. But tomorrow night, it's the real deal and Chino's GM/exec chef Noah Barton has created a special menu of scary treats including BRUJA BREW ("a drink so spooky its dangerous even to talk about"), Hello Ventricle (Japanese chicken heart skewers), and Chupacabras Delight (goat barbacoa tacos)--plus, the always beloved French Toast of the Dead, which will be served after midnight.

Here are Barton's instructions on how to "Hot Zone" your Halloween costume:

If you were going as a ghost, add a sombrero and mustache and youre the tormented spirit of Zapata--for added detail, stain the sheet with blood. Got a military look going? Chomp a cigar and come as Castro. You know those old leg warmers of yours? Pair them with a bandolier and suddenly you're prima ballerina from the Chiapas Rebel Dance Company.

If you'd rather head downtown, The Living Room and Prohibition at the W Minneapolis in the Foshay are hosting a Red Carpet to Hell Halloween party from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. The celebration will entail:

A costume contest... Categories including Best Celeb Lookalike, Sexiest Female, Cheesiest Male, Best Diva/Cross Dresser/Drag Queen, Scariest, Tackiest, Most Creative, Best Duo, and Best Group.

$10.00 Halloween cocktails... - The Craft Grey Goose la Poir, Midori, and pineapple - Jack-o-lantern vanilla vodka and Voyant chai - Forbidden Chamber grapefruit vodka, white cran, passion fruit and pomegranate

And tons of prizes... - A free nights stay at the W - Sports tickets - A VIP night with bottle service - Restaurant gift cards

To stretch the Halloween revelry into a whole weekend, book a room at the W and then rehash the evening's events over brunch at Manny's new pour-your-own Bloody Mary Bar. They're even serving Rocky Mountain oysters (a.k.a. cowboy caviar / Montana tendergroins / swinging beef), lightly breaded, flash-fried and served with horseradish dipping sauce--not sure if we'd want to find out how those might interact with a hangover...