Neato's food truck: serving drive-in burgers and duck-fat fries


They were out in October and November for a little bit before the weather turned, and now Neato's has pulled its retro-fabulous truck out of storage and rolled onto the streets of St. Paul. Since we'd missed them last fall, we were anxious to taste their offerings.

The menu boasts a few burgers, done drive-in style, hot dogs, and duck-fat fried French fries. You know that got our attention.

One bite of the burger sends you back to the bench seat of the family truckster, when your parents have finally pulled in somewhere to eat, your brother is staying on his side of the car, and your dad orders everyone a good old-fashioned burger--crusty-on-the-outside griddled meat, tender and juicy with just a twinge of pink in the center, capped with American cheese. These things are tasty. The only piece of the memory missing was a frosty glass of root beer. Neato's is going for the kind of burger that was once delivered by a carhop, and they've nailed it. A plain burger is only $3, a cheeseburger runs $4. The Deluxe Neato burger, topped with Neato's signature sauce, pickles, onions, lettuce, and tomato, was $6, as was the Elote burger, crowned with a spicy sauce, lime, and cojita cheese.

The fries are made to order, crispy fresh and as tanned as Lindsay Lohan. Dipping them in the pungent aioli accentuates the duck-fat unctuousness. They're downright addictive.

In addition to the midday meals, Neato is also serving the bar crew, and is often parked at the Turf Club. 

Neato's Food Truck 
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