Neato's duck fat French fries: 50 Favorite Dishes, no. 21

A basket full of greatness
A basket full of greatness
Joy Summers

Do not believe those snowflakes. This is spring, and those food trucks are right around the corner. On our list of most anticipated food truck favorite dishes, these crispy fries from Neato's rank near the top, thanks to the unusual way they're prepared . These beauties prove that the best dishes can also be the simplest.

Neato's Burgers is operated by two friends who were inspired by the drive-through, classic burgers from the now-gone Porky's. While the burgers are packed with nostalgia, the fries are a bit more modern. Frying potato sticks in vegetable oil is so passe. These fresh-cut fries are bathed in rendered duck fat, imparting a bit of extra-rich flavor. Dark and toasty and flecked with skin, the pillowy interior melts on the tongue. Served with a sunshine-colored side of aioli, it's creamy and garlicky, with a little citrus brightness.

Dipping those crisp, salty, hot fries through that cool sauce, it's impossible not to eat one after another after another.

50 Favorite Dishes
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