National Macaroon Day: Where to celebrate locally

Go coconuts: It's national macaroon day
Go coconuts: It's national macaroon day
Courtesy Salty Tart Facebook page

It is a little silly that practically every confection, cocktail, ingredient, and dish you can think of now has its own dedicated day and they just keep getting more and more specific and obscure. National hot pastrami sandwich day is January 14, crab meat Newburg day is September 25, and in an effort to raise their decidedly un-hip profile, raisins were given April 30 as a day of recognition and reverence. But one national food holiday we can get behind is the one that conveniently falls on this day, May 31, a.k.a National Macaroon Day. 

This is partly because we love to celebrate coconut, but more so because it's an opportunity to do a P.S.A. about the difference between macaroons and macarons. Macaroons are the chewy, unleavened, sometimes chocolate-dipped, coconut and egg white-based "cookies" (though they technically aren't cookies because they don't contain flour) that are the heart and soul of popular Minneapolis-based baking company Lily Bloom's. Macarons are the more technically complex French meringue confection made with an almond powder base and filled with jam or ganache. Macarons are pastel and pretty and popular and have been totally hogging the spotlight for the last few years, so today let's give the old macaroon its place in the sun. Here are a few good places to get them locally.

Michelle Gayer's

Salty Tart at the Midtown Global Market

makes traditional, unadorned, perfectly puffy coconut macaroons (pictured above). These are arguably the quintessential Minneapolis macaroon.

World Street Kitchen's truck is doing their own twist on a macaroon by putting it in bar form. Their coconut chocolate macaroon bar with sour cherries is available today until they run out.

Speaking of bars, the fabulous Bars Bakery on Selby Ave. does a great chocolate-drizzled coconut macaroon. Chewy and moist with just enough bitter-sweetness.

Angel Food Bakery appropriately located above Hell's Kitchen changes their selection of sweets daily, but golden coconut macaroons are often in rotation.

They get a lot of attention for their chewy chocolate meringue, but Franklin Street Bakery's classic coconut macaroon is equally as good.

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