Mystery contestant consumes 25 hot dogs


It wasn't even close. Someone event organizer Nate Kadlac knows only as "Kerry" swooped in and stole the show, eating a gut-defying 25 hot dogs in 10 minutes at the Bulldog Uptown's hot dog eating contest last Saturday. The second place contender consumed less than half of that, with 10 dogs. Kadlac himself came in third, with seven.

The eating competition drew 15 contestants total as well as 100 or so spectators Kadlac says. The idea was born out of a friendly rivalry between him and a friend, who had boasted of inhaling 27 hot dogs at a contest in collage (without buns). Kadlac approached the Bulldog with the idea and it grew from there. The bar is reportedly considering making the contest an annual event.

Kadlac says it was impressive to watch the winner. It's one thing to watch the Nathan's competition on TV, another to see a serious eater in action. "He was almost just swallowing the hot dogs," Kadlac says. Kerry, let us know if you're out there. Are you ok? What is it like to eat 25 hot dogs?