Mysterious hot dog man statue frightens Iowans

Giving new meaning to the phrase, "lost dog."

Giving new meaning to the phrase, "lost dog."

A mysterious hot dog man showed up in downtown Council Bluffs, Iowa, giving new meaning to the phrase "lost dog."

The Daily Nonpareil newspaper reports that one morning earlier this month, the local police department received a call from a concerned citizen who had noticed a man in a hot dog suit waving at people near a bus stop, giving some obvious cause for concern.

The police arrived to find the man was actually a 6-foot-tall statue of a hot dog who would be applying ketchup to his forehead and holding a bottle of mustard, were his arms not broken off.

The dog, who sports sweat socks and sneakers, appears to be licking his lips in anticipation. Is he planning to eat himself?


Similar Hot Dog Man statues started showing up sometime before 2003, when two filmmakers shot a short about one in Durham, North Carolina, called, Hot Dog Man: A Case Study. Reported sightings have been made as far away as Seattle and Japan.

The paper says the statue has been spotted in other areas of Council Bluffs, and the police apparently still have no idea where the thing came from or who it belongs to. It's now waiting to be claimed in a police department storage room.

Anyone with information about the statue or seeking to reclaim it should call 712.328.4717.