'My Burger' learns that breakfast isn't for everyone


My Burger, the burger, fries, and malts joint in the Minneapolis skyway (601 Marquette), is now serving breakfast, M-F, 7-10:30am. For a limited time, they are also offering complimentary orange juice or coffee with the purchase of one of their breakfasts. The three breakfast meals offered are the my burger breakfast ($3.65) that includes two eggs any style, toast, hash browns, and sausage or bacon, the mini-breakfast ($3.25) that includes all of the above minus the hash browns, or the my breakfast sandwich ($2.95) that includes two eggs, cheese, sausage or bacon on a toasted English muffin.

The eggs, sausage, and toast wouldn't have been so bad if the grease didn't seep through my plate.

I ordered the my burger breakfast with an extra side of bacon, but what I got was a plate of all gone wrong. After a few minutes of eating, each additional bite seemed to weigh down my stomach like a rock. The eggs were runny, which isn't passable for scrambled eggs, and the toast was wheat when I asked for white. The slices were heavily buttered, which added to the feeling that I was eating at my own risk. The sausage came in the form of a thin patty, not dissimilar from most fast food breakfast sausages. The generous portion of hash browns, basically a thick pile of shredded potatoes, became a bed for the grease of my meal to seep into. You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out. The food was served on a thin paper plate within a styrofoam container (strange, since I was dining in) and I shuddered to look at the plate when I was through. What was once opaque was now transparent through the magic of grease. Was that the rock in my stomach shuddering?

The one caveat to my meal was the bacon. They call it their "big fat bacon" and it is unique. Rather than thin strips usually found at restaurants, big fat bacon is a thick (no really, thicker than you think) skewered piece of bacon. While it wasn't crispy (for those in the crispy bacon camp), it was full of flavor; it had a sweet maple syrup-type kick to it.

Verdict 1: The burger joint should stick to what it knows: lunch! Verdict 2: Wow, bacon really does make everything better.