Murray's seating chart for 'famous, not-so famous, and infamous' regulars, circa 1993

Secrets to the seating at Minneapolis' iconic downtown restaurant, Murray's Steakhouse.

Secrets to the seating at Minneapolis' iconic downtown restaurant, Murray's Steakhouse.

Welcome to Murray's Steakhouse, thank you for dining with us on this wonderful evening in 1993.

Your server will be right with you. In the meantime, feel free to have a look around. Be sure to check out which of our regulars is with us this evening.

For example, look over there! Why, it's Hollywood icon Burt Lancaster, seated next to the former vice president Walter Mondale! 

And over here, you'll see local music icons Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis holding court at their usual table, just a few feet away from not-local music icons... Chicago? 

And right there, there's a Minneapolis institution, Star Tribune columnist Sid Hartman, whose table keeps him off to the side, very far away from the band... unlike the dead-center table we used to hold for Liberace.

Did these people ever really dine in the same place on the same night? Almost certainly not. But if they'd showed up, Murray's was ready for them.

On Thursday, the iconic downtown Minneapolis steak joint tweeted its seating chart for "famous, not-so-famous, and sometimes infamous" regulars, circa 1993. The year explains the local sports people on this list -- Timberwolves Christian Laettner and Gary West, and (former) Minnesota North Stars star Mike Modano -- but doesn't quite explain why the restaurant was still prepared for a visit from actress Ruth Gordon or Liberace, neither of whom lived into the 1990s.

In any case! It's fun to imagine the possibility of at least a few of these people rubbing elbows from time to time, chit-chatting over cocktails while waiting for their favorite steaks.

The real takeaway is if you ate at Murray's around this era and you're not on this list, you're a nobody. Or you were back then. Hopefully you've made something of yourself by now.

If anyone happens to have a current seating chart for some fancy schmancy local joint, please kindly leak it to us. We'd like to know who's considered who around this town.