Muddy Pig Belgian Beer Fest kicks off tonight


The Muddy Pig's getting all zany with some Belgian brews this week, starting tonight by cracking open what it's boasting as the *only* keg of Duval beer -- which one beer site describes as a "miracle" -- in the entire state. If I didn't think almost all Belgian beer -- lambic aside -- tasted distinctly like bubble gum, I would be very wooed by this exclusivity. There will be other Belgians available for tonight's tasting too, and all for only $20.

But now this is just all to whet your appetite because Holy Cannoli, Batman, the bar is exceeding last year's jaw dropping 75 Belgians with more than 85 for this year's Belgian Beer Fest -- the bars second annual. God, do I really wish I liked Belgian beer now.

Friday through Sunday the bar will be offering -- in addition to the incomprehensible number of beers -- seminars on Belgian brewing styles, including one with cheese pairings, for $20 a pop or $50 for all three. Rumor has it, the classes sold out last year, so act fast and call the bar to make sure you get in.