MST 3K alum goes on all-bacon diet

MST 3K alum goes on all-bacon diet

The 44-year-old former "Mystery Science Theater 3000" writer Michael J. Nelson had pledged to eat an all-bacon diet this month. And you thought the guy who did Supersize Me was nuts!

The Pi Press's Amy Carlson Gustafson reports:

He promises the only thing he'll be eating during his "month o' bacon" is, well, bacon. No Canadian bacon, no pork chops, no turkey bacon and no tofacon. The only allowance made is for beverages -- "beer, wine, martinis and water." Nothing that could be construed as "healthy."

Follow Nelson's journey on his blog and decide if you think concerned commenters are correct. Should we worry that Nelson may kill himself with his bacon-only diet?

Please reconsider, a diet consisting of nothing but bacon would be disastrous to your health. A diet should be balanced, meats, dairy, fruit, everything in moderation. I'd hate to read about yet another death that could easily have been prevented.

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