MSPMag talks picnics, beer, rhubarb ... and more


There's lots to like about the June issue of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Just keep in mind you gotta kinda dig (it's 282 pages!). But ye who seek shall find. For example, who out there has _ever_ casually come across a recipe for crappie? Page 78, people, it's there. "Spring Crappies with Morels." Love it. In fact, all the recipes included in the "Ready, Set, Summer!" feature are great, creative contributions: beer-battered fish, poached rhubarb ... um, awesome!

I also found the teeny weeny article on Bordeaux wine useful ("tons of affordable wines, which are more focused on elegance and drinkability than the big powerful style of their new world counterparts"), appreciated the quick breakdown of some of the more special selections at area farmers' markets (cheese! bread! honey!) at the front of the mag and enjoyed the quirky "how the hell'd this get in here" blurb about some random dude who doesn't eat vegetables. WTF, but in the best way.