MSPMag, Shefzilla showdown over "up and coming" chefs


An article about "up and coming" local chefs in next month's issue of MSP Magazine has won the ire of local chef and restaurateur Stewart Woodman, provoking MSP Mag's dining editor Adam Platt to enter the fray in an ongoing exchange between them and others that at last count, included 24 comments. As far as journalism goes, Steve Marsh's profiles of notorious chef-about-town Landon "Colonel Mustard" Schoenefeld, 20.21 pastry chef Corinne Sherbert, and Sea Change sous chef Jim Christiansen, are pretty badass. Marsh knows how to get the goods, gets 'em, and presents them in an artful way.

But Woodman takes issue with Marsh's inclusion of Schoeneman, saying he doesn't deserve the recognition and suggests he has engaged in criminal behavior by serving pot brownies to his former co-workers at Bulldog NE. Woodman also brings up an earlier, unrelated comment by Platt about preferring to watch Hell's Kitchen over reading an interview with a farmer to illustrate what he describes as "the 'reality' TV obsessed food media."

When another commenter then blasts off an f-u to Platt, Platt himself gets in on the action, defending Marsh's article, explaining that MSP Mag "exists to satisfy the interests of the quarter million people who look at our magazine each month, most of whom are not chefs or food professionals or farmers," and saying his comment about preferring Hell's Kitchen was taken out of context. The "discussion" features comments from Marsh and others as well. No comment from Schoenefeld so far.

Marsh's article is not online, an issue also taken up in the exchange. Ah, this is what blogging's for.