Mozza Mia will be 'dorky' pizza joint in Edina, says Parasole CEO

You heard about Parasole's newest venture, Mozza Mia, in the works at 50th and France in Edina, right? Hot Dish talked to Parasole CEO Phil Roberts to get a few more details on their new pizza concept. They've signed a lease for the former Tejas space and are planning for a November opening, assuming the permitting process goes smoothly. Here's what to expect:

Roberts stresses the relaxed vibe he wants to create at Mozza Mia and says prices will be lower than most other downtown Edina dining options. He describes the ambiance as "blue-collar chic" and says it will be "a little on the dorky side," meaning "it's a little uncool but [that's what makes it] sorta cool." So set aside any assumptions you had that all Edina eateries had to be gilded in marble and beveled glass. Roberts says he envisions a place where you'd be able to come in a designer suit or a pair of shorts after running around the lake. [Ed. note: maybe take a quick shower first, though, if the tables are going to be tightly packed.]

Roberts says he didn't want to create an Italian version of Salut, Parasole's restaurant just around the corner, but something that was "distinctly downmarket," so "folks from Edina can feel like they're kind of slumming." (Don't worry, you won't have to drink Natty Ice. Slumming in Edina means you can still get a martini.)

The pizza concept, Roberts says, is inspired by the famed Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, cooked in dual wood-fire ovens that can reach temps nearing 1,000 degrees. Gourmet pies will be the main focus--crusts made with Italian 00 flour, natch--but there will also be a short list of appetizers, pastas, salads, and desserts.

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