Move Over Maple: Birch Water Might Be the New Big Thing


Nothing says autumn in Minnesota like the familiar fragrance of birch wood crackling away in a fireplace. Its superiority is worth paying a premium for.

But it looks as though tossing it on the firepit might be a little foolhardy -- birch water is trending as the next guzzleable beverage for the health set.

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Can coconut water (the other latest in big trendy health beverages) offset cellulite? That's just one of the benefits birch water purports to deliver, along with fighting all sorts of other nasties like liver disease, flu, headaches, dandruff, bronchitis, arthritis, eczema, and more.

They're drinking it all over the U.K.

So you can wait until some big marketing company gets ahold of it, bottles it, and calls it something clever (Birchtastic!) or, perhaps a better idea would be to grab Gramp's maple sapping equipment and get it yourself (which is exactly how to collect it).

Early spring (right now!) is the best time to get at it, it's best when drunk fresh, and it has a shelf life of a few days.

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