Mother Jones says "Let's Grow America!"

Full disclosure: I am in biased support of Mother Jones Magazine, particularly so since its editorship was assumed by former City Pages editor Monika Bauerlein and former Harper's senior editor and Carleton College graduate Clara Jeffery.

Sweet Minnesota connections aside, both women are standout journalists and they pull it all off with wit and positivity. Their editors' notes alone are practically worth each issue.

The March+April issue of the magazine is no exception. Its cover bears a Rosie the Riveter-esque image of a person holding a leafy green in one hand, a hoe in the other and exclaiming "Let's Grow America! Want to Fix the County? Fix food."

The cover story, nearly 20 pages on the future and current state of food, spans topics from innovative farming techniques (strawberry patches on top of bus stops!) to the greening of college cafeterias to views on protein from a vegan weightlifter.

There's also a thoughtful interview with food journalist and activist Michael Pollan and a surprising, back-of-the-issue piece on how the increasing popularity of farmers' markets isn't necessarily benefiting the farmers who sell their products there.

As you might imagine, I highly recommend it.