Most shameless alcoholic products, from adult chocolate milk to whipahol

The Budweiser frogs: as beloved by kids as alcopop.

The Budweiser frogs: as beloved by kids as alcopop.

Even though alcoholic beverages are intended for adults, they're often marketed in kid-friendly formats. A recent study found Anheuser-Busch--a beer company--made the most kid-alluring advertisements, as children ages nine to 11 were more familiar with Budweiser's frogs than with Kellogg's Tony the Tiger, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, or Smokey Bear.

Here are the top five items that The Hot Dish considers alcohol's version of candy cigarettes:


1. Jell-O Shots The original, child-like alcoholic foodstuff, Jell-O shots serve intoxication with a side of nostalgia. The bright colored, fruit-flavored, wiggly substance is rarely eaten by anyone over the age of 12...until you substitute liquor for the water and the adults start clamoring to peel the stuff out of the same pint-sized Dixie cups you drank out of as a kid (as evidence, see every Facebook photo collection under the sun).

2. Test Tube Shots We're not sure why you'd want to associate drinking with your first high school chem lab, but these test tube-shaped shot containers have saturated the nightclub party scene. Instead of triggering painful memories of the periodic table, kids seem to love 'em, and aren't embarrassed by the test tube shooters' nickname, a.k.a. "tooters."

3. Alcopop The ban-inducing Four Loko--a fruity malt beverage with 12 percent alcohol and a cup of coffee's worth of caffeine--brought recent attention to this category, but supersweet alcopops have been around since the dawn of wine coolers, Zima, and Smirnoff Ice. The Hot Dish recently pitted Four Loko against its competitor, Joose, and found neither to be a very appealing option.

4. Whipahol The Hot Dish taste-tested this product a few weeks back and found the "cream" surprisingly inoffensive and the alcohol flavor fairly strong. Applied to everything from s'mores to bare stomachs, this may be the most versatile of the alcoholic foodstuffs.


5. Adult Chocolate Milk Seen the "Mommy Drinks Because I Cry" onesies? After Tracy Reinhardt's kids were in bed, she liked to enjoy a bit of the the vodka-spiked stuff, and her new beverage has quickly become a Mompreneur sensation.