Mort's vs. Crossroads: A matzah ball soup food fight

Matzah ball soup may be most popular in the spring (around Passover time), but there's something about chicken soup with knaydelach (yes, that's Yiddish for dumplings) in the winter.

I grew up with matzah ball soup, and like most comfort foods, it is nearly impossible to re-create the magic of the past. My childhood matzah ball soup was a delectable bowl of chicken broth with carrots, celery, and multiple small, dense matzah balls. Although restaurants typically serve soup with only one large matzah ball, not all bowls are alike. Here's how Crossroads Deli and Mort's Deli stacked up.

Mort's Delicatessen Mort's Delicatessen in Golden Valley is a treasure trove of Jewish food. Where else can you find both potato latkes (essential Hanukkah dining) and rugelach (crescent-shaped pastries)?

Jessie's Favorite Matzo Ball Soup screams with flavor. The homemade soup, made with real broth, is filled with chicken, carrots, and celery chunks. Noodles are an optional addition. And the matzah ball was very big, dense, and delicious. A cup will run you $3.99, and a bowl is $7.99.

Crossroads Deli Next up was Crossroads Deli in Hopkins. This is a very interesting place, boasting a wide selection of cocktails. But we were there for Scott's Famous Matzoh Ball Soup, rumored to be the best in the Twin Cities. There is no cup size, due to the size of the matzah ball. You can get a bowl for $5.99, or an even larger serving for $8.99.

Crossroads was incredibly understaffed during our visit, and it took quite a while to get our soup. The wait, however, was well worth it. The chicken broth was not as salty but just as flavorful. The chicken was incredibly tender. The carrots, celery, and parsley were a perfect meld, and the matzah ball was as tasty as I can remember.

The winner: Crossroads Deli. Although Mort's Deli has the better atmosphere, a larger portion of soup for your money, and a nicer selection of Jewish food overall, the matzah ball soup at Crossroads is hard to beat.

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