Morning happy hour? Yep, at Victor's 1959

Guanabana mimosa

Guanabana mimosa

Victor's 1959

3756 Grand Ave. S, Minneapolis


Hours and Details:

Monday through Friday, 8-10:30 a.m.

In the back booth with my 'mosa

In the back booth with my 'mosa

$4 sake bloody Mary's

$4 tropical mimosas (guava, mango, guanabana, orange)

An evening happy hour is par for the course in these Upper Midwest parts, but Victor's boasts something unusual: a morning happy hour. Is it worth wasting away in mimosa-ville for?


Venue: We all know Victor's as a go-to for the killer Cubano weekend brunch--with the line out the door regardless of the season. The casual staff is decidedly hip, and the clientele covers everything from white kids with dreadlocks to international Ph.D candidates to the severely tattooed and pierced. The decor is Latin ghetto fabulous, with bright murals, tablecloths, and grafitti-covered booths. It all adds up to very much coolness even before you get to the yuca frita, creole sauce, and cafe con leche. But did you realize that Victor's was kick-ass enough to offer a weekday morning happy hour?

Verdict: The sheer audacity of having a morning happy hour makes the limited, but apropos, selection seem right on. The sake bloody is just fine, but for the Hot Dish, the guanabana (or soursop) mimosa has just the right combo of sour and exotic for its champagne partner in crime. And they aren't stingy on the pour. This mimosa was as large as my water glass. Others may wax poetic about the mango and guava, enjoying the intense sweetness. Whatever way you take your special mimosa at Victor's, you should feel pretty rad. You're doing morning happy hour during the week, and that's got to mean that many of your fellow Twin Citians wish they were in your mimosa-soaked shoes.

Victor's 1959 also has an evening happy hour from 4-6:30 p.m Tuesday-Saturday.