Morel mania!


I was at the Wedge a couple days ago just as one of the produce guys brought out their first load of morels, spring's most coveted flora. They're usually available for just a couple of weeks, so act fast!

The mushrooms are pricey (If I'm not mistaken, I think they were priced about $30/lb), but you don't need much. The Wedge recommends the following preparation:

Soak them in water (with or without a bit of salt) for five minutes or so to loosen dirt and bugs (they are wild, remember), rinse them clean, and most people prepare them simply by slicing and sautéing in butter or olive oil until soft and giving up their liquids. Morels are savored for their texture and mysterious woodsy aroma, and also for their uniqueness. For this reason, I recommend simple and straightforward preparations to highlight these characteristics.

If you'd rather have someone else cook them for you, Meritage just announced that Jim Kyndberg (chef/owner of the dearly departed Bayport Cookery) will make a special guest chef appearance on Sunday, June 7 to reprise his annual Morel Fest with Meritage chef Russell Klein and co.

A five course menu featuring highlights from Bayport Cookery's previous Morel Fests as well as collaborative dishes from the two chefs will be served. Price for the menu is $75. Wine pairings will be available for an additional $25.

Highlights from the menu include Morel Consommé with Smoked Chicken, Roasted Alaskan Halibut with Peas, Ham and Morels and Veal Tenderloin en Sous Vide, as well as Jim's famous Morel Ice Cream.

Reservations required and are now being accepted.

Meritage will be suspending our weekly "Recession Sunday's" promotion, as well as our normal dinner menu. The Morel Fest menu will be the only menu served for this evening.