More vegan eats on the way: Seed Cafe will sprout in Minneapolis

Global Pressies (you could also call them grilled cheeses) packed with Herbivorous Butcher "meat" and "dairy" products

Global Pressies (you could also call them grilled cheeses) packed with Herbivorous Butcher "meat" and "dairy" products Seed Cafe

When Seed Cafe opens up this summer, co-owner Phil Doucette hopes it’ll feel like home — with one distinct difference, of course: “We want to create a feeling of home, but easier. You don’t have to make the food yourself,” he chuckles.

Doucette’s the co-owner of Modo Yoga, where there’s already a focus on both food and on creating that homey, community kind of feeling thanks to the come-one-come-all seasonal Sunday dinners Doucette & Co. host.

He and his partner and daughter are also vegan, and they ran a cafe at their studio when they lived in Winnipeg. “We always try to show people how easy it can be to eat plant-based,” he says. “All the nutritional value, all the good it does to the world.”

So when the spot adjacent to their Calhoun Village (3252 W. Lake St., Minneapolis) studio opened up… well, it just sort of made sense to open a vegan eatery next door.

And they’re going to! This summer, assuming all goes according to plan.

Doucette describes Seed Cafe as “a great restaurant that just happens to be plant-based,” with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the morning, you might munch on tempeh benedict or a vegan Egg McMuffin surrogate with crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside tofu and black salt seasoning. For lunch, you could consider tucking into a rice bowl, or a Ceasar salad with house-made croutons and dressing. “We’re actually going to be making our own bread in-house, too — flatbreads, naan,” Doucette adds.

Expect melts and sandwiches made with Herbivorous Butcher “meats” and “cheeses,” though there won’t be a ton of fake meat on the menu. And there will be plenty of food for little vegans, too: “Our daughter, Emily, is hard at work on the kids’ menu,” Doucette says. “She’s the one who tests my mac and cheese — I’ve been through seven iterations of the cheese sauces.” (The latest, it seems, got the Emily seal of approval.) And hopefully, they’ll have wine and beer at some point.

Soon, you’ll be able to help Emily and the rest of the Modo team in sampling new recipes. Want some sneak peeks of what's in the works beforehand? Say no more! They're sharing sample items via Instagram — things like this Mediterranean share plate...

Or these Spicy sauerkraut sammies with vegan Swiss cheese:

They’re hoping to launch a test kitchen of sorts on Thursdays this May. Right now, you can follow along for updates on Instagram; there’s a website in the works.

Beyond being an eatery, Seed Cafe — much like the adjoining Modo Yoga — will serve as a teaching center and social space. There will be events in the evenings, and classes on how to prepare an easy vegan lunch for your kids or get them cooking veggie foods themselves.

“Our studio’s focused on community-building, more than just offering classes. It’s the same energy of what we want to do,” Doucette says. “Food always brings people together. We want to bring people together, and we want to make it accessible for families.”

They’re shooting for a soft opening by July.