More Twin Cities restaurants hit in a spate of recent break-ins

Draft Horse restaurant had a rude awakening this morning.

Draft Horse restaurant had a rude awakening this morning.

A rash of break-ins at local restaurants has restaurateurs warning their fellow industry members.

The Draft Horse, the northeast Minneapolis restaurant adjacent to Food Building was broken into early this morning. Burglars smashed in the front door and took the cash drawer, which was empty, and fled.

The Minneapolis Police Department told staff at the Draft Horse that Brasa Rotisserie and Revival were also hit recently. Brasa's St. Paul location was broken into in October; all three men involved were apprehended by police.

Revival confirmed that both their Minneapolis and St. Paul locations were targeted on New Year's Eve. Though the thief or thieves didn't make away with any cash, they did take the drawer from the St. Paul store, which was also empty. They "smashed the shit out of the windows" in Minneapolis, says co-owner Nick Rancone.

The Revival break-ins are thought to be unrelated to the Draft Horse burglary this morning. An individual was apprehended in the Minneapolis Revival incident, but there are no suspects in the crime across the river, according to Rancone. 

Even if the incidents are unrelated, Draft Horse would like to warn the restaurant community.

Food Building has a security camera by their front door, and they are reviewing that footage this morning to pass along to the police. They have repaired the damage and will open at 11 a.m. today for business as usual.

Much luck to Draft Horse, and keep an eye on those cash drawers, people.

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