More on that Northeast Ferris Wheel Restaurant, Betty Danger's Country Club


You know that iconic scene from the Sandlot? The one where all the boys chew tobacco and then honk all over the amusement park? That scene sums up our collective response to carnival rides. But when we heard that the owner of Psycho Suzi's was going to open up a Ferris wheel restaurant called Betty Danger's, we were intrigued ... and had many questions.

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And so do the locals. How could they not? A shiny new green and pink Ferris wheel just landed on the corner of Lowry and Marshall in northeast Minneapolis, seemingly out of nowhere, surrounded by a liquor store, local bar, and water treatment facility. And while the ride will provide nice views of the Lowry Bridge and the Minneapolis skyline (you may have to squint a little for that one), it's in an otherwise not-so-picturesque part of town.

As we were snapping a few photos of the massive wheel, a man leaned out of his van and called out, "When's it gonna open?!"

Good question, van stranger!

We chatted with a Betty Danger's representative to answer his (and our) burning questions, and while she answered a few, she also noted that "Betty knows that she needs to keep some things a mystery, so at this time we're just not available to do interviews."

Put your readers on -- there's the skyline!

Put your readers on -- there's the skyline!

Coy, Betty. Very coy.

Here's what we (sort-of) learned:

Betty Danger's may or may not be opening in late November. Now that sounds like an interesting time to open a Ferris wheel restaurant (Ferris wheel Thanksgiving, anyone?), but who knows? Maybe the seats will be heated!

The idea as a whole is a little befuddling. Betty Danger's is an ironic "country club" of sorts, which will feature not only Ferris wheel dining, but also mini golf (8 1/2 holes), a food truck, and indoor dining. It offers a membership, details unknown (but benefits abound, so we're told) and it will serve "Mexhampton" food -- a cuisine that encompasses Minnesotan, Mexican, and Hamptons-esque food.

Ahem. What?

Burritos with lutefisk and oysters on the half shell? Lobster roll with a lefse "bun" covered in salsa? No menu items were available for perusal, so we'll just continue to speculate with weird combinations.

Most logistics remain a mystery. Our more anxious compatriots worried about emergency bathroom breaks and windy weather. We also wonder about the movement of the wheel. Does it stop constantly to accommodate new diners and drink orders, or does the wheel keep moving as servers sling tater tots into the carriage? Are parachutes provided for bad first dates?

There are many situations (both nightmarish and quaint) that we can imagine, but we will wait impatiently for this gimmicky monstrosity to open its gates. And on that day, we will ply ourselves with less-drowsy formula Dramamine, portable commodes (or "stadium pals"), wool blankets, and some Pepto as we feast upon a hot dish of fois gras, carnitas, and Jello salad...or whatever they plan on serving.

Betty Danger's Country Club 2501 Marshall St. NE 612-788-9069

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