More coffee-shops-with-benefits: Acadia Cafe

While I was in the process of

reviewing Common Roots,

I visited a few other similar cafes for comparison. One of these was Acadia Cafe, which recently moved from Franklin/Nicollet to the more student central Cedar/Riverside.

Acadia's most notable feature is its cover-free live music acts, which tend to be a bit hit--Stacy K. and the Groove Stains, who play tonight at 10:30--or miss--the awful Kid Rock wannabe I saw a few weeks ago--but worth checking out. In contrast to the old space, which had a separate room for shows, acts perform on a raised stage in the front of the new one-room space, so hope you like what's playing. Acadia's kitchen turns out your basic burgers, sandwiches, etc, with a few surprises, like the smoked trout salad I tried. The food is servicable, but the beer list is really where it's at. They've got dozens and dozens of unusual bottles and taps, everything from a limited release Leinie's stout to sharable Belgians.

More coffee-shops-with-benefits: Acadia Cafe

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