More bars may go dry if shutdown doesn't end

More taps may run dry if the shutdown doesn't end soon.

More taps may run dry if the shutdown doesn't end soon.

A few weeks ago, when the Independent in Uptown was forced to close its doors, we explained the process by which bars and restaurants get alcohol: They can only buy through certified distributors, and they must stay up to date on their taxes with the state or their name goes on the Liquor Posting list and they're essentially banned from legally receiving any more booze.

Each year, the alcohol retailers must renew their $20 "buyers card" with the state to keep receiving alcohol. Many establishments--some 425 MPR reports--are having theirs come due in July, with no way to renew them.


So last week, the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association petitioned special master Kathleen Blatz to waive the requirement for a buyer's card, so long as the retailer is otherwise licensed and paid up on its taxes, or reinstate a part-time clerical worker to process the renewals.

But Ramsey County Judge Kathleen Gearin just rejected the plea, so alcohol vendors remain in the same limbo as the rest of us: waiting for the stalemate to end.

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