Monthly mags report on local Burgermania

Monthly mags report on local Burgermania

The crew at Mpls St. Paul Mag ate 110 burgers for its August cover story, giving each one a rated score. The full story won't be available online for about a month, but the full list of burger ratings, which didn't fit in the print version, is listed here, if you want a sneak peak. Stephanie March has a funny Harper's-style index offering a few behind-the-scenes tidbits such as these:

Minimum number of hours spent "burgering": 87

Number of times "fries of despair" appears: 1

Days from the last "work burger", that I felt like ordering a "personal burger": 3

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl over at MnMo wasn't as enamored with Smashburger as the MSP crew, but liked it better than both Burger Jones and Five Guys.

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