Mojo Monkey's cake doughnuts: 50 favorite dishes, no. 19

Fried gold
Fried gold

Joy Summers

Let us pause for a moment and savor the greatness that is a perfectly cooked cake doughnut. Tanned, crispy exterior gives way to fluffy moist interior. Mojo Monkey's cake doughnut is such a specimen, but it's so much more than just a simple doughnut. It's perfection.

Owner Lisa Clark was a bread baker in another life. She uses her knowledge of how to build a flavorful dough and starts at the base of the recipe. Her technique coaxes out layers of flavors in even the plain cake variety, finished with just a whisper of nutmeg. There's a nudging sweetness, balanced by the golden, crispy crust. Biting in, your teeth crunch through the outside before plunging into the spongy craters and valleys inside. You'll find your elbows are suddenly akimbo, a natural instinct to ward off any doughnut thieves, as you lean over, careful not to lose so much as a crumb of this goodness.

It's a glorious bite even unadorned, but the toppings of cinnamon sugar, chocolate icing, nuts, flakes of coconut, and event simple sprinkles make it hard not to get carried away.

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Mojo Monkey Donuts

1169 7th St. W.
St Paul, MN 55102


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