Modist releases 'Dilly Dilly' double IPA, is immediately hit with hilarious cease and desist from Anheuser-Busch

It's literally on parchment paper

It's literally on parchment paper Anheuser-Busch InBev

The folks over at Modist Brewing really are the truest friends of the crown.

Their latest release, Dilly Dilly, is a "massively dry-hopped" double IPA brewed with a "dilly" of oats and English floor malted barley. With an 8% ABV, "It’s ultra hazy, ultra soft, and a dilly of a good time," the brewery promises.

It also very obviously gets its name from those Bud Light commercials -- you know the ones -- which is why it was no surprise that when they released 200 crowlers at noon today, they were immediately served a cease and desist from Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Only... it wasn't your average cease and desist

Modist's lawyer, Jeff O'Brien, says he's never seen anything like this.

“How do you respond to a cease and desist written on parchment paper, delivered by a guy in Old English garb, read aloud in the brewery, letting them sell the beer until it’s gone, and giving them two tickets to the Super Bowl?” he asks in disbelief. 

(He notes, however, that the Modist team has not offered one of those tickets to him.)

O'Brien reps close to 50 breweries around town and has handled his fair share of cease and desists, but this is without a doubt a first. “Given the nature of the relationship between craft beer and A-B InBev, this just a little out of character … I’ve gotta tip my hat to them,” he chuckles. “We certainly would rather see it handled this way, with some humor."

“Only that crew,” he adds. “It would be the guys with the turquoise brewing floor who get a cease and desist on parchment paper and two tickets to the Super Bowl."

Definitely better than the pit of misery. Dilly dilly!