Modist is raffling off those cease and desist Super Bowl tickets from Bud Light

Quoth the raven, "50 bucks gets you 1/1,000 odds of winning a Super Bowl ticket!"

Quoth the raven, "50 bucks gets you 1/1,000 odds of winning a Super Bowl ticket!" Modist Brewing

Back in early December, Minneapolis' Modist Brewing grabbed a whole buncha headlines when it poked the Big Beer Bear -- Bud Light -- with the release of its Dilly Dilly IPA.

The beer (obviously) took its name from those commercials, and it (obviously) resulted in a hasty cease and desist from BL parent company Anheuser-Busch. It wasn't so much the cheeky beer itself that was a hit with drinkers, but more the way Bud responded: by sending a town crier in traditional garb to read that cease and desist from parchment paper aloud at the North Loop brewery. 

And also: by giving the Modist crew a pair of Super Bowl tickets. 

It was unclear at the time what would become of the tickets -- and Modist never did issue a formal response to Budweiser. On Monday, for maximum #SuperBowl attention, Modist killed two birds with one stone, announcing that its latest release -- Dungeon Juice ("another juicy IPA") -- will drop Tuesday, and that it'll be raffling off the Super Bowl tickets for charity during the launch. 

Some things to note, here. As Modist points out on the event page, "These are badass seats: Section 120, Row 18, seats 15 and 16." Also, if you buy two of the 2,000 tickets the brewery will raffle off at $25 each, that puts your odds of winning at 1/1,000... which is pretty darn good, given that Super Bowl tickets are going for upwards of $10,000 right now. 

You can read Modist's full response to Bud Light below.

Dearest Bud Light,
Please excuse our lack of actual parchment paper. We would like to sincerely thank you for the Super Bowl tickets and for not suing our hosen off.

As much as we would love to watch our employees joust for a chance to go to the big game, our employees have instead decided to raffle off the tickets to the benefit of our their favorite charities.

Di [Censored] y, Di [Censored] y,
Modist Brewing Co.

P.S. We would like to invite you and the rest of the citadel to come try our new


AND please come play in Minnesota's Premier Indoor Pop-Up Inflatable Adult
Human Football playground.
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