Modern Italian in a Deco Space: Il Foro Now Open


The glitteringest, prettiest, deco-est restaurant in the city is finally open for business again after being shuttered for four years. Il Foro was briefly Forum, but prior to that, Goodfellows, and before that it was Scottie’s on Seventh, a disco; and even prior to that it was Forum Cafeteria, an art deco stunner built in the 1930’s.

Now that it's back, we hope it will withstand its full 20 year lease, recently signed by “dream team” restaurateurs, Josh Thoma, Kevin Fitzgerald, Lorin Zinter and Jack Riebel; with Joe Rolle, formerly of Borough at the stoves. He’ll be cooking “something for everyone” Italian. In a good way. Some more deets: 

The Food: “A modern approach to classic Italian,” the chef says his biggest culinary influence is his Italian grandfather, and some of his original recipes will be on the menu. Housemade pastas and gnocchi, Sunday “gravy” and, you guessed it, crudo!

The Restaurant: They’ve worked hard on a light remodel (the place is on the historical register so could not be touched except along the floor) to bring more of a casual vibe up front, but leaving the back of the space for more intimate, formal dining. You'll find a lovely bar that flows nicely into the rest of the space, as well as big circular booths for all your big group of friends and their big glasses of vino. 

The Restaurateurs: The group wants you to know that while the space, and all of its grandeur, can hit you in the face like an intimidating bouncer, everyone is welcome. That means jeans, flip flops, all of it. This is a come-as-you are town, a come-as-you-are place, and all should really, truly come, because you’ve gotta see it to believe it.

Now open. 

36 South Seventh St. Mpls. 


Monday – Friday at 11a.m.-close 

Saturday and Sunday 5p.m.-close