Mobile Market brings fresh produce and groceries to underserved neighborhoods

Mobile Market brings the shopping to you

Mobile Market brings the shopping to you

If there's one thing we've learned from the robust boom in food truck culture it's this: We don't have to go to the food. The food can come to us.

But for many living in underserved neighborhoods in the Twin Cities, the food doesn't come -- not even in the form of a grocery store, an amenity most of us take for granted. But a genius new concept has put a grocery store on wheels. The details, and the schedule:

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Currently operating only in St. Paul, but with hopes of expanding next year to Minneapolis, Twin Cities Mobile Market is a former Metro Transit bus that has been retrofitted with coolers and shelves inside to resemble a small grocery.

The aim is to help make good, healthy food more accessible to communities that have been traditionally food insecure, including Somali neighborhoods, senior apartments, housing projects, and school areas. They tailor the offerings based on the areas they will be stopping in on a given day (like halal items in Somali neighborhoods), and add items based on request. Prices are set at or below market average to assist in accessibility.

The market makes around 20 different stops weekly, and runs five days per week. Find a stop near you here.

Tuesday, June 9, they are throwing a community celebration at the Wilder Foundation to thank partners, as well as to spread more information about the project. RSVP required.

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